LH | Auto-Rig

LH | Auto-Rig


  LH | Auto-Skin v2.0

LH | Auto-Skin v2.0

Available for any rigs !


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LH | Auto-Rig allows you to build any type of biped or quadruped rig.

Interface partie01

In this first part, the user defines the name of rig. The name of the rig is important and, in this first version, it is strongly recommended to not change it afterwards. Indeed, anexes tools rely primarily to the names of objects.

In this first part, it is also possible to choose 3 presets of rig. For to build easier the rig: biped, quadruped with hindlimb arm-type (Squirrels Koala ..) or type legs (horse, dog, cat...).

In the cartoon version, the rig is not limited to these predefined templates and you can choose, for each part, the required number of members and build the rig as you see fit.


biped quadrupede


Then, the interface is divided into 3 main part:

[Part 01] to create the first base construction rig, called Base Helpers, which will guide the self-rig to generate the rig. Declinable into two types: a method of construction with spheres, more intuitive, and another mode with Helpers, more accurate.

[Partie 02] to set the desired number of bones by parties. A high number of bones is more accurate in the future twists and optional curves, but weigh down the final rig. Options "Reverse" allow to reverse the axes of the bones correctly when the direction of the joints needs to be reversed, for example, for legs of a flamingo. "Upperbody align" allows you to choose how you want to align the general controller of the spine.

[Partie 03] to see a preview of what will be the future rig with the ability to save or open an existing base Helpers (not available in the current version, but possible and advisable anyway by simply saving the Max file in this state) . Then, once satisfied with your preview, for finalize your rig.

Interface partie02

[Partie 04] The auto-rig will always seek to connect members generated to the first spine, but it may not be the choice desired by the user. In this section, the user can, by selecting the master of the member wanted, attach it to any other party or object. In case of the head, that operates relatively to the movement of the spine, the user can, if he wishes to keep this animation system, come reselect the master of another spine, checking "Head relative to" and then pick thereof it before connecting it to something else.

Interface partie03


This last part is a little independent. It allows you to quickly generate a FK chain, which can then or not, at the option of the user, be connected to a rig or any object with "connect at -> pick" (seen in part above), in order to setuper eg a tail, an antenna or other things in this style.

There is also the possibility of adding the Stretch to this FK chain by selecting beforehand the master.


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