LH | Auto-Rig

LH | Auto-Rig


  LH | Auto-Skin v2.0

LH | Auto-Skin v2.0

Available for any rigs !


Try me, free !

To preview a rig made with our LH|Auto-Rig system, and test it or simply improve you to animation in 3ds Max, discover LudoRig, a little character available in 3 version and ready for employment, with everything you need to create beautiful animations... what fun!

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NEW ! LH | Auto-Rig Demo

Limited and restricted version.
For non-commercial use.

Download (registration required):

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Download the .exe file for your version of 3ds Max (there is a link in the email that we have sent you or in your space "My download" on the site). Once launched, select the root folder of 3ds Max, then follow the procedure to install LH | Nocontroller.

Customize Then, to access to LH | Nocontroller, go Cutomize -> Customize user interface -> Toolbars -> Category: LH Tools -> LH_Nocontroller then drag-and-drop it into one of your toolbars.

Discover news videos on Auto-Rig system for 3ds Max and news animation tools.  
Time-saver for your productions !

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Feel free to create an account on the site and receive an access to the forum. All your questions are welcome either via the forum or directly at: contact[at]cg-animation.com

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CG-Animation.com why?

Technical director and developer for freelance and for different studios, I had to develop rigging tools for my own needs. Following several requests to distribute them after I posted some videos of them, I start the adventure of crowdfunding to better assess demand around them and be able to implement the necessary environment to distribution of my tools. With the success of crowdfunding I was able to start this project in developing this website and take time to adapt my tools more user-friendly.

The objective now is to continue to improve the tools in function of the demand and to propose new tools. For the site, the goal is to develop more support (tutorials, videos ..) for the use of tools, but also to extend to the content of training dedicated to the rigging and to c.g. animation in general.

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