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Here, 3 versions of our small character rigged with LH | Auto-Rig.

These characters are a glimpse of a rig generated with LH | Auto-Rig. They are designed to test the rig and/or for animator wishing to practice animation in 3ds Max, but in any way for commercial use.




The first version, opposite, is completely free.

This character is without facial rig. The body is fully rigged with our LH | Auto-Rig system, with only one cartoon option (stretch only).

(3ds Max 2011 - 2016)

 The second version will be more complete. The character will have a rig with all possible functions that can generate LH | Auto-Rig (Stretch, Squash, Curves, Snaps), more a full facial rig. Coming.

LudoRig Head

expression enervee expression etonnee expression gonflee expression souriant expression triste 

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