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Automatic quality rig for all lovers of animation on 3ds Max !



Maya already has a wide selection of quality rigs, but 3ds Max doesn't.

So for the animation fans looking for a quality rig for 3ds Max, without any notion of rigging required, LH | Auto-rig, an automated rig, was developed. Powerful, it works with all kinds of characters (biped, quadruped or others), with a UI for animating as well as other animation scripts.

Saving time for your productions !

AutoRig Planche Rigs


It's simple, no notion of rigging required ! 5 easy steps to create your own rig :

AutoRig Fonctionnement

1. Select the different body-parts your want to create and adjustment the number of fingers if necessary.
2. Create the various helpers which will help defining the proportions of the character.
3. Define the type of joint and the number of bones.
4. Preview the rig / copy the helpers from one side to the other / backup the position of the helpers if necessary.
5. Finalize the rig.
+ adding cartoons options if necessary : stretch, curves, scale, snaps.

Ready to be skinned end then animated !

Demonstration videos : 



LH | Auto-Rig :
- Bipeds et quadrupeds.
- IK/FK with automation transitions and display controllers options.
- Unique, intuitive and efficient animation system for spine and neck.
- Possibility to choose the number of bones per member.
- Choice of animation system for joint and walking motion : sliders or controllers.
- General Scale and reset intuitive system for controllers.
- No plugins required. Operating unlimited on any machine or renderfarm.
- Standard personal rig therefore adjustments are always possible and adaptable by Character TD.

+ Cartoons options :
- Strange monsters with several members ... no limit !
- The user defines the complexity of the rig for his need (Stretch, Curves, Scales ...) so optimizing the weight of the rig !
- IK snap on any object.
- Unlike origins bones of 3ds Max or other rig, Squash / Stretch / Scale are visible in the animation curves! You can edit its, save or more !

More (if purchased):
Interface and dedicated tools (UI symmetry tool, saves / load animation ...) to download on our site, thus facilitating the work of animation !

AutoRig UI


Exemples :

3 short films that have used LH | Auto-Rig or LH | CharacterTool : Fox Tales, Rubika and Tuurngait.


More infos...

They used our tools :

Mighty Nice Brutus collective orange-cg Picasso Pictures Feed me light GoldenWolf Mopa Nexus Picnic Spacesheep Tunouszapasvu FoxTale Rubika Tuurngait    Autour de minuit Supinfocom Arles Aspiration jonatronix ClanVFX

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