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 All main functions of the rig in a single window !


To maximize animation with LH | Auto-Rig, was developed: LH | CharacterTool. A user control interface with a selection panel, shortcuts to the main tools, the creation of orthographic view to facilitate animation cycle, a system of symmetry/flip poses and backup poses...

Warning! This first version of LH | CharacterTool is limited to standards characters bipeds.

LH CharacterTool


Menu CharacterTool



1. Initializes the interface with rigs in the 3ds Max scene.
2. Shortcut to LH | SaveAnimTool (if installed in the Scripts folder of Max.)
3. Shortcut to symmetry/flip tool.
4. Select rig on which the interface will act.
5. Interface pannel: control pannel and/or poses backup pannel.

Once LH | CharacterTool initialized with "SetCH" button, a control panel (below) will open and you will be able act on the character select in 4.

Control pannel :

Body Presentation Exemple Selection

1. Permanent display by feature group of controllers.

2. Shortcuts to functions : reset controllers, orthographic camera monitoring and selection of all controllers...

The control interface includes all the main functions of the rig in a single window, allowing for a better visibility of controllers. Indeed, an overview of the mouse and it will display in the viewport that the controller associated with the interface area, then click on the same area will allow you to select your controller easily.


Symmetry tool


One option of LH | CharacterTool is the symmetry tool.

Easy to use, 3 groups: 2 groups for symmetry controllers and one group for flip controllers.

-The first group can apply the symmetry position on the selected controllers.
-The second group, conversely, it applies the symmetry on the opposite controller of selected controller.
And the third group for flip the selected controllers.


Backup poses tool


Poser btn

Another powerful option of LH | CharacterTool is the backup poses interface.

Through this interface, double-click on a thumbnail to save the position of the body, the morphers head or finger depending on the chosen category. An image of the viewport is created in the thumbnail.

You can then apply this pose by clicking "apply" (below the corresponding vignette) on the same character or another.

Head Pick

In this first version of LH | CharacterTool, to backup the morphers of the head, the head should be "picked" with pickbutton in down of interface and the modifier of morphers must not be renamed.


Facial Interface (coming)

Interface Facial

Coming up, a complete interface to manage and facilitate the animation of facial morphers your characters.






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