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Finish with skinning problems, skin your characters in a few minutes!
and auto-generate a low sliced character to facilitate your animation.


Comparative 3ds Max skin and LH | Auto-Skin (no editing) : 

Banniere AutoSkinning 665px 



Skinning is a obligatory and important step to make beautiful animations. But 3ds Max has not the most effective tools to make that. So, this step can quickly take lot of time and it's often tedious for many artists. To make this works more quickly and less restrictive, LH | Auto-Skin will automate all the heavy skinning, leaving only finition to make manuelly, or even, in somes cases, skinning will not need editing! To make this operation, the tool will generate a "sliced" character/object, animators will be able to use this low character/object to animate more faster!

Save time for your productions !


Operations :

The auto-skin works with any rigs: biped, C.A.T, customs rigs... and of course with rig generated with LH | Auto-Rig which, with its intermediate bones, offers a better skinning.

1. Use with LH | Auto-Rig :

AutoSkin Interface

Présentation :

0. LH | Auto-Skin backup each step in a data linked to the 3ds Max scene. So, when you re-open a 3ds Max scene not finish, you could continue the work in progress to the step where you were with "Open Data".
1. Select your skin character/object.
2. Select the master rig nammed:
3. Create envelopes. These envelopes will help the software to understand the volumes to create the sliced character.

Enveloppes    character cut

Adjust your envelopes with the "Push" tools (5). You can also improve the accuracy of those by directly modifying their geometry, their scale, their position or rotation.
4. Manage symmetry of your envelopes.
8. Gives you an overview, directly on the skin mesh, of the volume defined by the selected enveloppe.
7. In rare cases, this value can be changed to improve the skinning if, by exemple, units or scale mesh is not regular, and that the finished skinning is not good.
8. Generate the low sliced character/object.
9.Make a preview of skinning.
10/11. Adjust skinning settings with the interface skinning tools, overall and/or member.
12.Finalize your skinning !


2. with any rigs :

To use LH | Auto-Skin with another rig, the work remains essentially the same that on a rig generated with LH | Auto-Rig and discussed above.

AutoSkin othersRigs

The particularity is that you must to add and categorize manually the bones rig in many listboxs in the special interface "Others bones rig" (3) which open with the checkbutton "other rig" (1).

Warning! to make that the script be able to manage properly the left and right symmetry, your left and right bones must be named with a same structure, by exemple: "Bip001 R Forearm" / "Bip001 L Forearm" or, another exemple, "Base HumanRForearm" / "Base HumanLForearm".

Once your  bones are classified, to activate the script you must validate your bones classified with the button "validation". To clear the differents listbox you can press the "clear" button (2).

On the main interface, an additional option will be activate (5). This options will allow you to select the correct axes to scale properly your bones with the "push" tools.

Following the creation of skinning is exactly the same as with a rig generated with LH | Auto-rig, so read above.

Tutorial with biped :

They used our tools :

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